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Galvanized Steel Thermo Bucket

Item# TB3
Model TB 3 Galvanized Thermo Bucket. Country Manufacturing Thermo Bucket- Horse Watering. Works on the same principle as a thermos bottle. The water within the 5 gallon removable bucket is insulated on all sides, including the drinking surface. Therefore, after filling the bucket with ground temperature water (approximately 50F year round), the insulation retains the inherent heat for several hours (time depends on outside temperature, initial water temperature, and the volume of water within the bucket). Generally, during a 0 outside temperature day minor freezing occur after 6-12 hours, which provides adequate time for your horse to drink between watering schedules.

The horse simply pushes the surface float down to drink. The float follows the surface, maintaining good insulation until all water is gone. Lets you know how much water your horse is taking during high stress periods.
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