Zero Turn Mower 4 ft. Snow Plow with Universal Mount BarZoom

Zero Turn Mower 4 ft. Snow Plow with Universal Mount Bar

Item# mountwith4ftsplow-sn
(Mower shown in the photo NOT included) NOTE: These plows will NOT mount to the Steering Wheel Models of Zero Turn Mowers.

The heart of our design is the revolutionary Universal Mounting Bar System for Zero Turn Mowers. This patent pending system makes lifting and lowering the snow blade quick and easy by simply pushing the foot pedal down or allowing it to return up by lifting your foot. Fully adjustable, the Universal Mounting Bar System can be mounted on virtually any make and model of mid-mount zero turn radius mowers available on the market today! Installation of the Universal Mounting Bar System is as easy as drilling 4 holes in the front caster wheel support frame and installing the pivot brackets. The design of the brackets allow for the curves and angles found in the front frame of some makes of zero turns. Then simply adjust the Mounting Bar center frame to the height and length you need, bolt in the snow plow and you are ready to go! All of our snow blades are designed to be used in 3 angle positions and come with a replaceable edge and bottom height adjusters. Both Clamp-on and Drill and Bolt Mounts are Included. You can select a standard steel cutting edge or add the poly edges. If you add the poly edges, one steel cutting edge is included with your purchase.

Zero Turn Tractor / Mower Shown NOT INCLUDED

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