Zero Turn Mower Core Aerator With MountZoom

Zero Turn Mower Core Aerator With Mount

Item# ZTCA64withmount-lf
(Mower shown in photo NOT included)

Zero turn radius mower owners have been inconvenienced for too long with having to tow a lawn aerator intended for a lawn tractor or ATV. Our design changes all of the problems of having to take wide sweeping turns to cover an area without damaging the hitch and tongue due to turning your zero turn mower too sharply. Our Zero Turn Core Aerator allows each core aerator set to pivot a full 360 degrees without having to lift the unit to turn! Each plug cutter uses a spring-loaded design to allow the plug to be cleanly removed, rather than ripped out leaving a ragged hole. This unit does the same quality job as a commercial plugger costing over $3000.00! Our Zero Turn Core Aerator cuts a core path 64" wide with the core tines set on 7" centers.

This zero turn core aerator is designed to work with our Universal Mounting Bar System. If you already own our snowplow, you do not need to purchase the mount. All of our Zero Turn products are designed to work using the same mounting system. Both Clamp-on and Drill and Bolt Mounts are Included.

Zero Turn Tractor / Mower Shown NOT INCLUDED

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